Dockerize Spring Boot and MySQL with Docker Compose

Docker has revolutionized application deployment by enabling developers to package applications and their dependencies into portable containers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to dockerize a Spring Boot application with MySQL, leveraging the power of Docker and Docker Compose. By containerizing your Spring Boot application, you can achieve easy Read more...

By Orleando Dassi, ago

Custom State Management Architecture using RxJS

As a developer, building frontend applications is becoming less difficult using a set of techniques that have been standardized with time, within that jargon, one of these is the State Management System which is a hype amongst frontend developers using frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS, and so on. Simply said, Read more...

By Orleando Dassi, ago

Safely toString a Java object

In this little article, we will see how to get the string representation(tostring) of an object cautiously, that means avoiding NullPointerException. Getting the String representation of a Java object is something we often do for logging, debugging, or simply for overview purpose. For a null object we will be directed to Read more...

By Orleando Dassi, ago

Build a real time app with MEAN2 and

Build a simple real-time application that you can use as a starter to do what you want with MEAN2(MongoDB, Express, Angular2 & NodeJS), within the project will also be, Typescript and Angular-material2. After having worked with Angular2 and I faced some challenges that motivated me to build a simple starter project Read more...

By Orleando Dassi, ago
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I'm Orleando Dassi, a Cameroonian-based Software Developer with a passion for building useful Software and experimenting with new things each day, plus I love innovation and continuous learning. That is already 4 years that I'm in the Software industry and I would like to make good things with my first Read more...

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