I'm Dassi Orleando, a Cameroonian based Software Developer with a passion for building useful Softwares, experiment new things each day, love innovation and continuous learning. That is already 4 years that I'm in the Software industry and I would like to make things good with my first professional blog(this one). Here I'm going to share my stories, things I have done/solved/discovered and found useful for others.

Here I'm in a country that is still growing digitally and people just understand the power of Softwares and machines. Perhaps it is an advantage or an inconvenient. Personally, I'm working to be aligned with international standard as one of my superior told me to do in the past, then I will be an accomplished developer.


I put this part because I guess what I did before and what I'm planning can help or inspired you in your further choice. Why I just finish my Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at University Institute of Technology of Douala(IUT) and I already have 4 years experiences instead of nothing as my promotional comrades/friends?

4 years = 1 year of non-professional + 3 years of professional developer Job. From my secondary education, I was already excited about practical things after done a lot of mathematic that make me feel a bit happy but not really satisfied. When starting to look in deep about how to build a beautiful webpage just using HTML + CSS I wonder about the fact that it was working the first time I tried it, after I discovered a lot of others programming languages as these two first I know Python and Php. For this first year I have done a lot of experimentation without really a good theory in mind; because the only thing that makes me feel happy in the past was the practical manner we do it(write lines of codes and get results). After these, I found a better opportunity, a training institute(Dart Training Center) that learns me to build Mobile & Web Applications using Java, AngularJS, Javascript, Html, CSS and a lot of others good things around. Despite that the school was already oriented to be very practical, I decided to go with these two options once and get myself much more ready fastly than others of my peers. That was my challenge for my first professional year, make both things at school and in professional training when learning each of them. After this training, I learned a lot from my teachers there and all their advice still have some impact in my tech live at this moment.

Now I'm ready to go with any types of project and environment; both mobile, web and desktop. I have the required algorithm skill that helps me to be able to invest myself in others area/technology without much more effort. Knowing that software development is already a known thing for me, I decide to learn something new and fall in love with my career of the future as I call it: to be a ML & Data Science Engineer. Now that ability to build software start to be a bit more accessible and easy I found better to extend my knowledge, so I will be also able to build software and make them able to think themselves using knowing real cases + a lot of mathematical logic that trying to feel the computer's intelligence as the brain of a human being.

For more info about me  & what I was doing before you can take a look at this page then you will see certain of my available profiles on internet.


  • Passionate
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Socialize
  • Focus
  • Continuous learning
  • Able to learn quickly
  • Curiosity
  • Curiosity
  • Up-to-date
  • Work in a team
  • Know where to search
  • Hack open source solution
  • Independent
  • Good communication skills
  • Creative


The main goal of this blog is to provide free/cheaper consultancy and tech assistance to smalls companies & startups among the world, but muchly in Cameroon. After noticed that there are a lot of guys outside there who really need help to build interesting software they want to expose but not forcibly have required skills or assistance to do it in a better way.

Yes, this is my contribution to the Cameroonian digital economy.


Here I would like to write about things I'm doing(want to do) and also things you love, feel free to give me your feedbacks in the comments section down there.


Hope you will be happy to read here every time.

Thanks in advance for reading.

I'm waiting your feedback too.


Dassi Orleando

Full-Stack developer by formation and profession, fixer, driver, entrepreneur, freelancer and passionate about all around IT, I love implement or use different things all the days. If you would like to contact or follow me, you can do so below.